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We are aubrey texas based studio that takes boutique photo sessions directly into our client’s living room. We use minimal props and the final product is a work of art that can be hung and enjoyed by everyone.

How We Got Started

As a studio photographer for over 15 years, I noticed that coming to a studio was more of a pain then it needed to be. It was a new environment for kids as well as new people. Kids were not comfortable there and husbands just did not want to come. So my husband & I wanted to bring boutique-style photography into our clients’ homes.

With our unique approach, no matter how big, small, modern or eclectic the house is we always get the same results. Our small footprint studio allows us to capture a beautiful fine art portrait of the family with perfect lighting in the most comfortable place our clients can think of: their own home.

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Serving Aubrey, Little Elm, Prosper, Celina, and other northern areas of Dallas, TX

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